Grandstand Rijksstraatweg Sassenheim

Stands along the Rijksstraatweg Sassenheim, parade passes at approx. 12:15

Want to watch the Bloemencorso 2018 [flower parade] from a seat on the covered stand!? There you’ll enjoy the surroundings and music whilst quietly waiting for the Bloemencorso in the luxury stands. As an extra service we will provide sanitary facilities as well as catering. A speaker will provide the stands with commentary as the Bloemencorso passes.

The stands are located close to where the Bloemencorso stops which make them a great place from which to admire and photograph the parade floats after the Bloemencorso is over.

Stand seats cost € 19.50.

Stand seats and parking spaces can only be ordered online from


Download flyer grandstand 2018

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