Floats 2020



Corsogroep De Zilk

Title: Battle for Freedom
Float owner: Corsogroep De Zilk
Decoration team: Corsogroep De Zilk
Category: Self building

Our design was created during a brainstorming session in which we thought about what Freedom means to people. Some populations have had to fight for their freedoms, including the Indians. The Indians inspired us. Their pride, colorfulness and centuries-old traditions were decisive for us to choose this design."


 Corsogroep KAVB Hillegom-Haarlem e.o.


Title: As a fish in the water
Float owner: Corsogroep KAVB Hillegom Haarlem eo
Decoration team: Corsogroep KAVB Hillegom Haarlem eo
Category: Self building 

“On our float we see all kinds of animals that live in the water: fish, a sea horse, a squid, a jellyfish and a turtle. Two snorkelers swim between the animals and the coral. Why was this theme chosen: the freedom you feel in the water, the freedom, when you swim underwater through the animals and the coral. ”



Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout

Title: With your head in the clouds
Float owner: Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout
Decoration team: Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout
Category: Self building

“Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout is driving her head in the clouds this year. Designer Angelique Beijk has drawn a float for the corso group on which hot air balloons represent the ultimate feeling of freedom. Floral designer Shauny de Groot will literally put us in the clouds with her flower arrangement. ”


Crowdfunding wagen


Title: Crowdfunding 
Float owner: Stichting Vrienden Bloemencorso Bollenstreek
Decoration teams: Euro Choir/Carnival Association De Vikings
Category: Self building

“The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek Foundation is a non-profit organisation supported by many hundreds of volunteers. The social connection is great and every year an (inter) national audience of millions enjoys this colorful spring parade. Admission is free along the more than 40 km long route from Noordwijk to Haarlem and in Noordwijkerhout. The Friends of the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek Foundation provides crowdfunding and other sponsor actions for a bit of support.


Gemeente Noordwijk


Title: Noordwijk embraces
Float owner: Municipality of Noordwijk
Decoration team: Swimming Club De Watervrienden Lisse
Category: Municipalities

Hospitality is part of Noordwijk's DNA. Hospitality and 'feeling welcome' in Noordwijk applies to everyone, regardless of origin, orientation or gender. The four hands that carry the heart of this hospitality symbolize the four centers: Noordwijk aan Zee, Noordwijk Binnen, Noordwijkerhout and De Zilk that together form this beautiful municipality. 


 Gemeente Lisse


Title: Panorama Tulipland     
Float owner: Municipality of Lisse
Decoration team: Scouting Shawano’s Lisse
Category: Municipalities 

The municipality of Lisse has chosen this year for the panorama of the Bollenstreek, also known as Panorama Tulipland. The original was painted by Leo van den Ende. The Panorama tells the story of the Bulb Region in the 1950s. The painting depicts life and works in the Bulbs at that time on the basis of historic buildings, vistas and detailed paintings. The views and the open (bulbous) landscape are freedom for us, and the example of free space between the big cities in the densely populated West. The Panorama emphasizes the importance of this free space for the identity of the Bollenstreek, but also for quality of life and happiness.


Gemeente Hillegom


Title: Become a butterfly in Lovely Hillegom
Float owner: Municipality of Hillegom
Decoration team: Scouting Lisser Kaninefaten
Category: Municipality 

The municipality of Hillegom has chosen this year for a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. Hillegom wants to be a municipality where everyone feels freedom; can say what you find and be who you want to be. Listening to each other and respecting the freedom of others. You have to feel freedom and the people around you. Sometimes you have to go through your own cocoon, and eventually, when your time is right, you become a butterfly. Become a beautiful butterfly, spread your wings and flutter around freely. Hillegom is a nice village. Grateful for the freedom we have. May our butterfly flutter! Together we make a LOVELY HILLEGOM.


Gemeente Teylingen 


Title: Defended for freedom
Float owner: Municipality of Teylingen
Decoration team: Volkstuinvereniging Elsgeest
Category: Municipalities

For the municipality of Teylingen, the theme "Freedom" is the defense of freedom, but also the celebration of freedom. The National Monument the Ruins of Teylingen symbolizes the defense of freedom. Originally, the Teylingen Castle was built to protect the North-South Route in the County of Holland. The "Old Tower" symbolizes the celebration of freedom. In 1813 this was the end of French rule and the beginning of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was celebrated by "raising the flag". A tradition that has been honored ever since..


Gemeente Haarlem 

Title: Haarlem, a thriving city for 775 years
Float owner: Municipality of Haarlem
Decoration team: Music association Da Capo
Category: Municipalities

On November 23, 1245, Haarlem was granted city rights by Count Willem II and Haarlem was allowed to call itself a city. Haarlem will therefore be 775 years old in 2020 and this year will be celebrated with various activities and events.”


Ondernemers binnenstad Haarlem


Title: BIZ city center of Haarlem
Float owner: Entrepeneurs of the city center of Haarlem
Decoration team: HSV The Flags (baseball and softball club)
Category: Commercial

The City Haarlem has a beautiful center. Culture, shops, restaurants, it can all be find in the city center of Haarlem.


Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden & Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol


Title: Born to discover            
Float owner: Van der Valk Hotel Leiden-Sassenheim and
Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol
Decoration team: Football club Foreholte
Category: Commercial

The car shows a Toucan flying out of its cage. This represents Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden: always looking for ways to innovate and improve. We do not shy away from thinking out-of-the-box!



Omroep MAX  

Title: In the footsteps of Liberation        
Float owner: Omroep MAX (broadcasting)
Decoration team: Music association St. Cecilia Voorhout
Category: Commercial


The float symbolizes the six-part TV series In the footsteps of Liberation of broadcasting Omroep MAX. Presenter Philip Freriks follows the trail of the liberators who put an end to the German occupation. Between the beginning of the liberation in 1944 and the end of the war, there were battles that for many meant the beginning of much suffering. Freriks talks to veterans of that battle, but also to civilians who were in the middle of it.



Title: Freedom to Travel
Float owner: Keukenhof
Decoration team: Scouting Graaf van Lynden
Category: Commercial

More than a million people from all countries and cultures meet in Keukenhof to enjoy the beautiful Dutch flowers.



Rabobank Bollenstreek 


Title: Closer and Free (DichterBij en Vrij = CloserBy (Bee) and Free)
Float owner: Rabobank Bollenstreek
Decoration team: Kindervakantiedagen Lisserbroek (childrens holidays association)
Category: Commercial

Rabobank Bollenstreek is a bank that is close by and wants to let the Bollenstreek flourish together. The theme 'Bee' was chosen because bees make a major contribution to our society and this fits in well with the theme of the Flower Parade. Insect pollination is necessary for more than 75% of the food crops. Man makes grateful use of these ecosystem services. It is great that we can put the 'Bee' in the limelight with our float and also contribute to society..




Title: Spread your wings .... in healthcare!
Float owner: Raamwerk
Decoration team: Lissesche IJsclub
Category: Commercial

The design first introduces the region in which Raamwerk is very recognizable: the Dune and Bulb Region (Duin- en Bollenstreek). Then, with a curl, we zoom in on a well-known resident of the region and the corporate identity mascot of Raamwerk: De meeuw. At Raamwerk, of course, a caring and peaceful seagull


Volksrepubliek China 


Title: The freedom of development  
Float owner: People's Republic of China    
Decoration team: Handbal Club Foreholte
Category: Commercial 

There is a Holland flower park in Dafeng district, Yancheng city of China. Dafeng district used to be a saline land with low crop yield in more than a century ago. In the year 1919, a Dutch water engineer named Hendrik de Rijke was invited by Jian ZHANG, a Chinese entrepreneur to Dafeng, to develop the current typical Dutch ‘polder’ landscape as part of the several desalinization projects. After several years’ hard-working, the saline land of Dafeng was turned into fertile farmland. Because of its historical connection to the Netherlands, Dafeng has now built a Holland flower park, a 8.7 square kilometers resort area with millions of imported Dutch tulips, as well as Dutch cuisine, culture, windmills and elks, which attracts millions of visitors every year.


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