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Traffic Measures

Traffic Measures

Road Closures during the passage of the 2018 (Corso) Flower Parade

Both on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday some roads around the parade route in the Bollenstreek (bulb region) will be closed to traffic. These closures are necessary to ensure the smooth transit and continuous passage of the flower parade.

Roads cleared and opened after the passing of the parade
We will try to reopen the roads as soon as possible after the passage of the Flower Parade. The barriers closing the roads will be cleared almost immediately after the parade has passed by.

Sassenheim traffic disruptions during the run-up to the (Corso) Flower Parade weekend  From Tuesday, April 18 up to and including Friday, April 20 there will be traffic disruptions on the Rijkstraatweg in Sassenheim due to the temporary parking lots set up for the construction days of the Flower Parade.

It is possible that there will be severe traffic delays on Friday, April 20 from 12.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs due to the transfer of the flower floats and decorated deluxe vehicles from Sassenheim to Noordwijkerhout via the main roads of Voorhout and Noordwijkerhout.
Route : From the hall from DeLeeuw Flowerbulbs turn left onto the roundabout direction Oosthoutlaan, Westelijke Randweg, Soldaatje, roundabout direction Noordwijkerhout, Gieterij, Maandagse Wetering, Schelftweg, via Nova, Herenweg, under the N206 straight to the Herenweg (at the top of the Dorpsstraat). The flower parade will gather here from 12.45 hrs until its departure at 21.15 hrs for the illuminated evening parade.

During the Flower Parade on Friday evening and on Saturday there will be traffic delays throughout the whole of the Bollenstreek, the bulb region, as is well known to occur on these days. During the passage of the flower parade several roads in the residential areas will be closed.

Road signs will keep you informed in advance and there will be diversions and alternative routes signposted during the road closures. Our advice is to count on an extended travel time during these days. 




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